Alumni Steering Committee Constitution

Alumni Steering Committee Constitution

Article I:Name

The name of the organization shall be the Alumni Steering Committee for Tallulah Falls School.

Article II:Purpose

Section 1 To develop and maintain as completely as possible a directory of the alumni and former students of the school.

Section 2 To serve as a vehicle for ongoing communication between Alumni and former students and their school.

Section 3 To serve as a vehicle for ongoing communication between Alumni and former students and the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs.

Section 4 To assist the current Tallulah Falls School administration in planning the annual homecoming and also to choose former outstanding students to be recognized during homecoming.

Section 5 To provide an organized effort by former students for encouraging former students who may wish to offer financial support to the school in general and to individual students through an active scholarship program.

Article III:Membership

Section 1 The members shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Scholarship Committee Chairman.

Section 2 A team of Alumni Committee Coordinators consisting of two persons shall serve the membership in the capacity of advisers.

Section 3 Members and advisers shall be Alumni, former students, teachers, staff members, or administrators of Tallulah Falls School.

Article IV:Meetings

Section 1 Regular meetings shall be held at least once per quarter. Date and time to be designated by the organization. Additional meetings shall be called as needed by any member or adviser.

Section 2 In order for the Alumni Steering Committee to meet, there must be at least three persons present. This quorum can consist of any combination of officers, chairmen, or adviser.

Section 3 All meetings shall be open to attendance by any Alumni, former student, teacher, staff member or administrator as well as any current student, teacher, staff member or administrator of Tallulah Falls School.

Section 4 Meetings shall be held in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. A copy of the Rules shall be provided to each officer at the beginning of their term.

Article V:Elections

Section 1 It is the responsibility of current committee members to find replacement officers at the end of their respective terms of office, with the exception of the office of President which will automatically be filled by the outgoing Vice-President.

Section 2 New members who have been previously contacted and have agreed to accept offices will be announced during the business portion of the annual homecoming dinner.

Section 3 The terms of the officers shall be two years. Any officer may subsequently serve in any office following the expiration of his term in a current office with the exception of the Vice-President as explained in Section 1 of this Article.

Section 4 Notwithstanding the above Section 3, the Alumni Steering Committee reserves the right to name persons to fill vacated offices as needed.

Article VI:Duties

Section 1 The President of the Alumni Steering Committee shall preside over all meetings. They shall also speak for the Committee and conduct the business portion of the homecoming dinner

Section 2 The Vice-President shall assist, and in case of absence, replace the President.

Section 3 The Secretary shall keep a record of all minutes of the Committee. Minutes of the previous meeting shall be read early in the meeting. The Secretary shall attend to all necessary correspondence.

Section 4 The Treasurer shall keep records and accounts of all financial transactions of the Committee and shall present a financial report following the reading of the minutes at each meeting.

Section 5 Should any officer be unable to attend a meeting, it is his responsibility to have another member fulfill his duties in his absence by providing any necessary reports to be presented.

Section 6 It is the duty of the Alumni Steering Committee as a whole to appoint any other committees necessary for accomplishing the purposes as outlined in Article II.

Article VII:Amendments

Section 1 Amendments to the Constitution may originate within the Committee or by any other person who would qualify as a member.

Section 2 Amendments shall be ratified by a majority vote of the Alumni and former students during the business meeting of the annual homecoming dinner. Any amendment must be advertised at least six months before the voting on such an amendment.

Article VIII:Ratification

Section 1 This Constitution shall be considered ratified by majority vote of alumni and former students at the business meeting of the annual homecoming dinner to be held on May 6, 1995.

Section 2 Upon ratification, this shall be the basic constitution of the Alumni Steering Committee for Tallulah Falls School. It shall be signed by the President of the Committee, the President of Tallulah Falls School, and the Alumni Committee Coordinators.