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Alumni Success Story: Baylee MacBeth


TFS alum Baylee MacBeth (’21), a senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will graduate in May with a degree in environmental science, a new interdisciplinary degree offered by Georgia Tech. He and one other student will be the first to receive this degree.

In 2022, he reached out to IT Director Casey Barron about setting up a Raspberry Pi seismometer to collect seismic data for a project with one of his Georgia Tech professors. Barron allowed MacBeth to house the seismometer in the TFS data center, and he helped him troubleshoot and access the equipment when needed. Until recently, the seismometer collected data here at TFS.

While MacBeth was a student at TFS, he took Barron’s coding classes. He quickly learned the Python programming language and created code to change how his code bot functioned. “Baylee is a quick learner and a hard worker,” Barron said. “He was a standout player on the esports team and the valedictorian of his class. He is a kind, humble young man and a great ambassador for TFS.” Barron has continued to help and mentor MacBeth. 

After graduating from Georgia Tech, MacBeth plans to work in a co-op position with Ethicon and begin pursuing his master’s degree while conducting research in UGA’s forestry department starting in January 2025.

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