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TFS releases Madrigal magic




04222022 Madrigal

In the much-anticipated return to the stage, the TFS Middle School Madrigal debuted to great fanfare on April 22. 
This multi-disciplinary production features singing, dancing, jousting, tumbling, humor, sword fighting, family dynamics and more!
According to co-director Carrie Layer, the shows enchanted three audiences of fellow students, faculty and staff, and family and friends. 
"The Madrigal is a tremendous opportunity for the middle school students to shine in ways that other traditional plays or concerts cannot," Layer said. "Each year, the Madrigal evolves and adapts to showcase the students' unique talents, from the artwork to the acting. I was particularly proud of this year's performance, with it being our first live production since the last Madrigal in November of 2019. I believe it was quite fitting that the show was set as a royal feast to celebrate the spring season's rebirth because that is truly the nature of what has happened for our performers. I look forward to many more to come."
The royal court included Charlie Harris as King Aldrich & King Arthur, Olivia Bonner as Queen Regina & Queen Guinevere, Sarah Morris as Princess Oriana, Molly Rickman as Princess Adela, Isla Wagner as Princess Clementine, Rebecca Heyl as Princess Juliana, Sarah Lundy as Princess Sabine, Sarah Wilkinson as Princess Beatrice. 
A Hard Day's Knight players included Walker Wright as Sir Gareth "Garth," Charlotte Stafford as Lady Evelyn, Adelaide Tatum as Jester 1, Carsyn Griffis as Jester 2, Brantley Allen as Red Knight, Jo Newell as Black Knight aka Lady Evenor, Josh Lander as Green Knight, Ashlyn Cleveland as Cook Kay, Gracey Eller as Lady No. 1, Madison Phillips as Lady No. 2 and Agnes Hogan as Lady No. 3. 
Speakers of the Eve players included Allison York as Keeper of the Door & Welcome, Callee Elrod as Royal Processional, Shelby Whisnant as Blessing of the Eve, Amari Ernst as Introduction of the Wassail, Steffi Siebert as Introduction of the Salat & Circle Dance, Haylen McGugan as Opening of the Royal Joust, Narissa Dawson, as Introduction to the Boar's Head, Olivia Henderson as Introduction to the Feast, Sophia Smith as Introduction of the Royal Merrimakers, Lizita Miller as Introduction to the Dance of Pairs, Agnes Hogan as Opening of the Royal Swords, Lupita Carrillo as Herald of the Javelin & Dessert.
Non-Speakers of the Eve included servants Chloe Eller, Avery Keim, LB Kafsky, Haylen McGugan, Kaitlyn Loudermilk, Megan Prince, Ryleigh Wilson and Caylin Tucker.
Members of the Court and Kingdom included DJ Broome, Callie Craver, Sarah Campbell, Jackson Cantrell, Ryder Cantrell, Shepard Crumley, Nolan Dalton, River Dockins, Eli Hornsby, Gabriela Goicoechea, Sophia Goicoechea, Delaney Johnson, Heath McGowan, Hawk Oliver, Natalie Pinney, Joseph Turney, 
Emily Shoemaker, Sienna Slater and Morgan Ward. 
Additional players included Derrick Lane and Cody Loonubon as Bannermen, Ashe Turner, Ethan Williams, Chloe Eller and Ryleigh Wilson as Royal Jongleurs, Drew Barron, Kale Borchers, Ava Gregg as Royal Knights of the Joust Royal, Olivia Henderson, William NeSmith and Teagan Penland as Swordsmen, Gavin Dodd and Gavin Simmons as Royal Marksmen, Oakley Irvin and Wyatt Fountain as Royal Lighting Operators, Agnes Hogan as Noble Lady of Sounds, Gabriela Goicoechea, Jamie Griffith, Teagan Penland, Ethan William as Technical Crew of the Kingdom. 
Special thanks go to Nancy Almoyan, Kim McClurg, Randy Morris, and 
Jane Shoemaker for helping prepare students for this event, Layer said. 
Additionally, thanks go to parent and teacher volunteers for the tireless efforts in helping transform the space into a majestic hall, Layer added. 
Included in this debt of gratitude for specific tasks are: 

  • Cat Schappach and the art students for creating works for the market. 
  • Heather Henriques for helping rehearse music and record tracks. 
  • Joel Cox for preparing and operating the sound. 
  • Josh Brady for designing the royal swords display.  
  • David Janecek and Flik Dining Services for the lovely feast.
  • TFS Plant Services team for setting up the Student Activity Center. 
  • Larry A. Peevy, David Chester, Carol Madden, Jonathan Roberts, administration, and staff of Tallulah Falls School. 

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