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TFS celebrates upper school award winners



Tallulah Falls School held its upper school awards event for grades nine-11 on May 18. 

President and Head of School Larry A. Peevy expressed his pride in the students' accomplishments before Assistant Academic Dean Dustin Rogers shared the names of the Presidential Scholars. 

Additional awards were presented as follows: 

Outstanding Coding Student – Denika Lightbourne, presented by Casey Barron.

Outstanding Engineering Student – Nana Amankwa, presented by Scott Davis.

Outstanding English Students – Madeline Martin [ninth grade], Elijah Damron [10th grade], Mei Hui de Velasco [11th grade], presented by Kelli Bly. 

Outstanding Foreign Language Student – Amy Henriques, presented by Matt Crotta.

Indian Iron Award – Samuel Ketch and Julianne Shirley, presented by Jinny Hanifan-Wagner.

Outstanding Physical Education Student – Haygen James, presented by Jinny Hanifan-Wagner.

Outstanding Math Students – Brynne Massey [ninth grade], Chinyere Nwachukwu [10th grade], Walker Bailey [11th grade], presented by, Deborah Morrison.

Outstanding Music Student –  Anna Reese Akers, presented by Mary Lauren Keeny.

All-State Chorus – Caroline Smith and Sarah Wheeler, presented by Mary Lauren Keeny. 

Outstanding Science Students – Marina Dumas [ninth grade], Sarah Wheeler [10th grade], Ellesen Eubank [11th grade], presented by Beth Huebner.

Outstanding Social Studies Students – Caroline Moseley [ninth grade], Joel Bourlet [10th grade], Benjamin  Okoronkwo [11th grade], presented by Dallas Barron.

Georgia Certificate of Merit Scholars – Walker Bailey, Ellesen Eubank, Trey Greene, Emery Sims, Zhigao Xiong, presented by Michelle Barron.

Woodmen Life American History Award – Senugwook Daniel Shin, presented by Jana Ward.

Extra Mile Award – Simeon Conjagic, presented by Jimmy Franklin.

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