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TFS Middle-schooler Megan Prince organizes food drive competition


The middle school loaded Clayton’s Food Bank van with food collected by each house during their annual canned food drive competition.

Eighth-grader Megan Prince wanted to make a difference in her community, so she proposed a food drive competition among the middle school houses. Two years ago, Prince realized that due to Covid, people were struggling financially.

“As the years go by, the need for food is more significant with inflation, so I made plans to continue the project,” said Prince.

Representatives from each house led the drive and competition: Hornet, Avery Keim; Owl, Sienna Slater; and Raven, Caylin Tucker.

This year, the Owls won the canned food competition. Prince has recruited younger students to take over when she moves to the upper school to ensure that the food drive continues.

“My hopes are that this tradition will continue to help the people of Northeast Georgia for many years to come,” said Prince.

Prince also came up with the idea to recruit younger students to take over since she and her friends are leaving next year for the Upper School. The younger students are:

  • Henry Dumas-7th/Raven
  • Mary-Kate Ball-6th/Owl
  • Mckenzie McCoy-6th/Wolf
  • Ian Borchers-6th/Hornet

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