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Alumni Success Story: Flannery Hogan '22


Flannery Hogan is a sophomore at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. She will complete a degree in astrogeophysics in the spring of 2026. Hogan thrived in the small school environment at TFS and knew she wanted to find a smaller school to further her studies, which led her to Colgate. “It has been a good fit,” said Hogan. 

Some of her coursework includes mineralogy and astronomical techniques. 
“Having a strong background in chemistry, biology, and English from Tallulah Falls School has given me a leg up in the classes I take now and a broader view of STEM subjects in general,” said Hogan. “I never took geology at TFS, but when the principals come up in my classes, I definitely know more than people that have always studied geology or physics.”

Over the summer, Hogan worked for the geology department researching iron and oxygen isotype deposits in abandoned mines from the 1900s in the Adirondacks. She also traveled to Arizona and Utah with the geology department, where they spent two weeks studying landforms and the general formation process. 

Hogan has several work studies on campus. Throughout the year, she is conducting research on Martian geology. “I will use remote mapping systems to look at landforms on Mars,” said Hogan. “The final outcome will be getting to present at a conference in the spring in Texas.” 
Hogan hosts a radio show on WRCU, Colgate University’s student-operated radio station, in her spare time.

Hogan plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in planetary geology research. 

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