Why Give

Our Mission

“Preparing each student to thrive in life by elevating character and intellect in a challenging and diverse college preparatory environment.”

For more than 100 years, Tallulah Falls School has been dedicated to the mission of educating young people. Our community is special – we have motivated, talented students; dedicated and passionate faculty, coaches, and staff; supporting and caring parents and grandparents; loyal and supportive alumni and friends.

You can make a difference in the life of TFS students by helping them to prepare for college and beyond. As our student body continues to grow, your gift is an essential element to the school's resources, bridging the gap between revenues from tuition and endowment income and the school’s operating expenses.

Tallulah Falls School has a long history of supporting every student's education. If you are an alumnus, even if you paid full tuition and didn't receive financial aid, your education was subsidized by gifts from alumni, parents and our founder and historic partner, the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs.

As a loyal member of the TFS family, you know and appreciate the exceptional educational opportunities available to students and the special campus community that supports and celebrates your child. Now, more than ever, your support is vital to our school to ensure excellence every day at Tallulah Falls School.

Please consider making Tallulah Falls School a charitable priority this year. Every gift, no matter the size, truly counts.