5th Grade Curriculum

Core Subjects


In the fifth-grade Humanities classroom, students will continue to build important reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. They will read more challenging literature and other sources of information and continue to grow their vocabulary.  Fifth-grade students study the story of America from 1865 to the present day. Novel studies will be utilized to highlight historical events such as the Civil War, World War 2, and the Civil Rights Movement while giving students the opportunity to build their reading comprehension and fluency skills. Students will participate in Daily Grammar Practice which helps them to understand the basics of grammar and mechanics to build the proficiency of those skills in writing. Students will also be expected to understand and clearly summarize what they have learned from readings and classroom discussions, referring to specific evidence and details from the text. Students will write regularly and continue to develop their ability to gather, organize, interpret, and present information.

Mathematics 5

In fifth grade, we begin Singapore Math. Singapore math has lessons that follow the concrete → pictorial → abstract sequence to develop conceptual understanding. There is written practice to build fluency. Mental math is also used to build deep number sense. There are many challenging word problems that require students to go beyond superficial understanding. The students will learn in whole group and small group settings. The students will explore whole numbers (multiplying and dividing by powers of 10, writing and evaluating expressions, order of operations, multiplication and division), fractions (adding and subtracting unlike fractions, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying fractions by whole numbers and fractions, and dividing fractions), measurement (fractions and measurement conversions, area of a triangle and complex figures, volume of cuboids and complex shapes), decimals (place value, comparing decimals, rounding decimals, multiplying and dividing by powers of 10, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing), geometry (measuring angles, classifying triangles, sum of angles on the interior and exterior of a triangle, classifying quadrilaterals, and angles in a quadrilateral), and proportions (ratios, rate, percentages, average, line plots, coordinate graphs, and straight line graphs).

Science 5

In fifth-grade science, the students will explore six modules based on the Next Generation Science Standards. The modules are the structure and properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, plant and animal needs, matter in ecosystems, interactions of Earth’s major systems, and the solar system and beyond.


Introduction to Fine Arts 5

This course allows students to explore and experience many aspects of the fine arts, including music, drama, and visual arts. A broad-based approach will help students to develop an appreciation and understanding of how the arts can stimulate creativity and provide a means for self-expression.

Physical Education 5

Fifth-grade physical education class will focus on games and activities that will help students to develop the skills necessary to be active participants in the process of learning. Students learn in different ways and progress at different rates; knowing that students are going to be at different stages of processing for understanding a new skill set, this class will focus in on individual, social, and contextual processes.

Enrichment 5

Students will be involved in learning to use and differentiate between the Chrome, PC and Apple platforms. A priority will be placed on Chrome to include Gmail, Google Classroom and other Google products. Students will also learn introductory keyboarding skills and storyboard animation. Students will use Virtual Reality and Z Space labs, as well as spending time in the Mac lab.